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Edition 2021/04/09 In the Loop

DISTRICT  RESOURCES K-12 Instructional Services Website: For all your district-vetted resources K-12!  Check it out! Aboriginal Resources vetted by the District District Learning Commons – K-12 Resources to book out! Kits, Lit Circle Sets and more! TCS Sites (TCS SS-grade 3, 4-8, Secondary): Key resources are still being placed in these Teams. If you need access to one… Read more »

Edition 2021/04/01 In the Loop

MDI Data Thank you so much for participating in the MDI this year! Over 43,000 Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 students from across the country were able to tell us about their lives inside and outside of school, made possible with the support of teachers and administrators. This year, School reports will be… Read more »

Edition 2021/03/12 In the Loop

A huge shoutout to all of you for the amazing work you do with our students and their families.  It’s been a crazy year and your commitment to focussing on student care and learning has been outstanding. We wish you a well-deserved Spring Break!!!!! Thank you to all grade 5, 6 and 8 teachers and… Read more »

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