Flexible Seating

Allie Corstorphine, grade 6 teacher at Yorkson Creek Middle school, explains her transition to using flexible seating.

Allie has completed a Masters degree in the area of self-regulation with a focus on the needs of the child. Part of this area of study examined the reasons behind flexible seating to develop a deep understanding and confidence to  communicate and reassure parents.

Allie has generously shared her expertise so she can help colleagues successfully transition to flexible seating within their own classrooms.

What were the considerations when setting up your classroom to include flexible seating?

How do you transition students to flexible seating?


How are student supplies managed with flexible seating?

How is the ‘Comfy Couch’ more than just a place to sit?

How has flexible seating impacted your teaching practice? How has it impacted student learning?

How do you facilitate your students taking care of the classroom environment?


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