How can I provide an entrepreneurship opportunity to my students?

Entrepreneurship Programs in Langley

Many students across the district are participating in Entrepreneurial projects.  Our District supports the use of:

  • PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs –Grades 4-8 students create their own business ventures. They develop business plans, design products, complete a market test and donate a portion of their profits to charity. 
  • Caring in Action – Grades K-8 students discover the power to be agents of change by creating their own socially responsible projects. 

The District provides workshops for both of these programs throughout the year and covers the costs of program materials (teacher manuals and student workbooks). As a finale to these programs, schools host events where students can showcase their achievements. For example, the Young Entrepreneur Show is a dynamic event where students market their products and share their ideas and business plans to an authentic audience. Students are selected from these showcases to participate in the IDEA Summit.

To learn more or register your class, please contact Bill Roche at 604-538-0816 or at


Secondary students are participating in programs such as YPI and YELL Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad) in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills.  Students will be selected from these programs to participate in the IDEA Summit.


About YPI

YPI is a free program for public schools that engages grade 9 and 10 students in experiential learning and connects them to social issues and local charities. YPI is a charitable foundation, and for every participating school, we provide a grant of $5,000 to a local charity. Students decide which charity YPI gives to through a competitive process in which they make a creative pitch for their chosen organization. The program is linked to curricular expectations in schools across Canada, aligning with courses like Civics, Careers, English, and Religious Studies. YPI is currently active in 100 schools across the country, some of whom have been participating for 16 years.

Since 2002, YPI has spread to four countries, engaged half a million students in participatory grant-making, and granted $15.5 million to charities. Students are developing skills and learning content, but more importantly, they are learning to care deeply about their communities by discovering issues that matter to them and meeting real people who are affecting positive change. Learn more, and apply or nominate a school here:

See Langley Times article on YPI at Brookswood HERE

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