Welcome to the home page for Primary Learning in Langley.

Here you will find information and resource ideas that will help you engage your students in their primary learning journey.

The redesigned curriculum in BC is an opportunity for teachers and students to explore learning through many different lenses.

The curriculum outlines the philosophy that:

  • Classroom learning environments should be comfortable, safe and flexible for all learners and all learning styles.
  • Students should participate in a variety of lessons that encourage the exchange of ideas and perspectives to build shared understanding.
  • Learning is developmental.  Not all students will be at the same place at the same time and therefore, students should be encouraged to use developmentally appropriate strategies to make meaning.  Effective planning and formative assessment is integral to moving student learning forward.
  • Students should be demonstrating their learning through a variety of ways such as speaking, role playing, observing and communicating, building and making.
  • Students thrive in situations where they own their own learning.  This begins with opportunities for choice and guided self assessment.
  • Students need regular breaks to “recharge”.

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