Inquiry in Social Studies

You will find resources to support inquiry in your classroom. If we think of question building as the beginning of all learning, inquiry becomes a natural process in social studies.

Social-Studies-EQs-these Essential Questions from Jay McTighe are a great place to start as you plan units.

Social Action Projects- TC2 – this is a great resource to learn key scaffolds for students to engage in meaningful, action-oriented projects. website includes examples of secondary SS inquiries under the Classroom Examples tab. Click on Humanities. -this website is dedicated to social justice issues with the intent of taking action. The resources can be used for student inquiries. – this article provides useful tips for teachers who are starting to explore inquiry in the classroom. -these resources empower students to locate and validate resources on the web. This is critical in an age of information overload and fake news.


 Diane Laufenberg’s Ted Talk highlights her journey as a SS teacher embracing an inquiry-based approach.

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