Social Studies 8-12

Welcome to the Social Studies home page for secondary teachers, grades 8-12. On this site, you will find instructional and professional resources that align with the redesigned curriculum. –  Langley has a partnership with the Critical Thinking Consortium. Click here to access an array of excellent resources.

Deeper Learning:

One of the key goals of the Social Studies Curriculum is deep learning for understanding. Deeper learning refers to learning that emphasizes the use of key disciplinary concepts, principles, and generalizations to think critically, solve problems, and communicate ideas.

  • develops students’ understanding and promotes thinking about and applying their learning in meaningful ways
  • helps students build an increasingly sophisticated conceptual understanding of how knowledge has been constructed within a particular topic or discipline
  • helps students build generalizations and mental models of the world that allow them to make sense of new information and connect it to prior knowledge
  • goes beyond rote learning or surface learning, where a student may memorize a procedure or formula, but does not actually understand the underlying principle
  • goes beyond passively receiving content and involves students in actively developing and explaining their knowledge
  • is not assessed by the ability to recall specific content or explanations (Ministry of Education)


Check out this compelling video that highlights man’s impact on the earth. How might a provocation such as this video begin students’ journey to deeply understand key concepts?

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