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  • Social Emotional Wellness – A District Wide Focus May 29, 2017- Social and Emotional Well-being  The Langley School District is excited to be launching a district wide focus on Social and Emotional Well-being for students and staff beginning in the 2017/2018 school year. The research is clear about the benefits of social and emotional learning for student success. Children who are taught social and emotional skills... Read more »
  • “Unplugged” ADST in Action at James Kennedy Elementary May 24, 2017- The grade 2/3 class at James Kennedy designed feeder bags for their ducklings…incorporating the full design thinking process that is meant for grades 6-9! Using empathy, they realized the problem.  Then they worked on solving the problem. They designed and prototyped. Then they revised based on immediate feedback from live ducklings.  So awesome!    ... Read more »
  • Teachers Sharing with Teachers: Science Infused with ADST at BSS May 16, 2017- Darren Ng, Brookwood Secondary In my 4+ years of teaching at BSS, I have seldom seen such extensive engagement, focus, teamwork, and problem solving over a 2 hr period! (especially on sunny Friday afternoon!)  Sadly, we had to close the doors at 5pm, but multiple teams of kids asked if they could stay later!  I loved... Read more »
  • Core Competencies in Kindergarten May 11, 2017- Vanessa Steunenberg shares her journey of core competencies in a Kindergarten classroom.
  • Core Competency Development Through Technology – Lynn Fripps May 7, 2017- Two intermediate classes at Lynn Fripps Elementary develop their core competencies through the use of technology!
  • May the Fourth Be With You! ADST at James Kennedy May 5, 2017- Students at James Kennedy Elementary participated in a special day of ADST on Thursday May 4th otherwise known as “May the Fourth Be With You.”  This spirit day was filled with galactic inspiration from Star Wars themed learning in classrooms including coding, robots inquiry and innovation!  
  • Langley Learns: Teacher Sharing with Teachers May 4, 2017- Brookswood Secondary is beginning a shift from traditional classroom instruction to Project Based Learning, which allows students to gain knowledge and skills as they work over a period of time investigating and responding to an authentic, engaging and complex question or problem while developing their core competencies!
  • Langley Learns: Teachers Sharing with Teachers April 17, 2017- It is so exciting when Langley teachers share their learning with other teachers.  Here is the most recent example of this.  Kendall Sewell and Meagan Wood were playing with teaching the core competencies.  See what they came up with! Some great ideas for intermediate through secondary.

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