Lit Circle Novels 9-12

Diverse Voices: The below novels have been curated by a team of Langley teachers and Teacher Librarians to highlight underrepresented voices. Canadian artists have been prioritized.

Sign Out: Novels can been signed out in sets of 6 from the DLC (click here) and eBook versions are available on SORA (click here). For information on how to evaluate resources for your specific classroom, click here. Please connect with your Teacher Librarian if you would like further assistance.

To Use This Page: Hover over book images for relevant themes. Click on book images for book reviews.

Grade 9

Graphic Novel 229 pgs

Mystery, Fantasy 216 pgs

Dystopian 234 pgs








Romance 304 pgs

Realistic Fic, Verse 306 pgs

Realistic Fic, Sports 312 pgs








Romance 336 pgs

Realistic Fic 368 pgs

Realistic Fic 384 pgs








Fantasy 429 pgs



Graphic Novel 56 pgs




Fantasy 384 pgs










Graphic Novel 81 pgs

Dystopian / Fantasy 416 pgs

Romance 336 pgs











Grade 10

Graphic Novel pg 380

Realistic Fic 224 pgs

Realistic Fic 324 pgs








Realistic Fic 336 pgs

Mystery 336 pgs

Realistic Fic 336 pgs








Realistic Fic 352 pgs

Dystopian 371 pgs

Horror 373 pgs








Historical Fic 381 pgs

Thriller 470 pgs

Fantasy 496 pgs








Realistic Fic 230 pgs

Free Verse 384 pgs

Graphic Novel 128 pgs













Realistic Fic, Sports 336 pgs

Supernatural Mystery 228 p

Fantasy 384 pgs








Verse, Realistic Fic 448 pgs

Realistic Fiction 352 pgs















Grade 11/12

Graphic Novel 368 pgs

Realistic Fiction 192 pgs

Dystopian 213 pgs







Realistic Fiction 316 pgs

Realistic Fiction 323 pgs

Historical Fic 334 pgs









Trigger Warning

Realistic Fiction 350 pgs

Realistic Fiction 359 pgs

Realistic Fiction 368 pgs









Realistic Fiction 378 pgs

Realistic Fiction 384 pgs

Fantasy 501 pgs








Realistic Fiction 368 pgs

Realistic Fiction 400 pgs

Memoir 272 pgs

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